How to Quote Printing and Distribution

Here are the questions needed for printing and distribution: Order is not important just get all the details.

1. Understand the audience:

    1. Food brochures usually are very critical of the image reproduction. They usually want crisp photos that look sharp. If they are looking for a crisp image we need to use a higher quality of paper.
    2. Paper comes in grades of 1 thru 5, with 1 being the best. Paper is categorized by brightness and opacity. The higher the brightness and the better the opacity the better image reproduction. So I would recommend a number 1 or 2 sheet.

                                                             i.      #1 – 96 - 100 brightness

                                                             ii.      #2 – 87-96 and brightness

                                                            iii.      #3 – 87 and down

    1. What weight of paper?  

                                                               i.      Cover weight are heavier than text

                                                             ii.      60 pound  _____ text or cover weight ---

                                                            iii.      70 pound ______

                                                           iv.        80 pound ______

                                                             v.      100 pound _____

                                                           vi.      What type of paper? Ask the designer for   the desire brand name or type?

  1. Size - 8.5 x 11   the width is the first dimension and the second is the height
  1. How many pages: Each sheet is 2 pages. So 4 sheets of paper is 8 pages.
  1. How does it bind? If it’s a catalog or booklet then is has stitches or staples in the spine. Does it fold? If so how many times?
  1. Will there be an extra finishing? Lamination, hot stamping
  1. How many colors does it print:  front__________   back _________
  1. What platform is the disk from:  Mac ----- or IBM
  1. What programs is the layout in:  Quark, or ____________
  1. Are the images Hi-resolution? 
  1. Does you need to do any high-resolution 4 color scans of images?
  1. Is there any food color touchup that needs to be done to images?
  1. How many color proofs do you need? Dylux or laser proof _____
    1. Color contract proof________
  1. Will there be a coating applied, there usually is:
    1. Aqueous coating – this is better, water based and brighter
    2. Varnish – oil based, not as popular today
  1. Does the piece need to be mailed?
    1. Who will do the mailing?
    2. What class of mail?  1st or 3rd (bulk)
  1. Where does it deliver?
  2. What is the due date?
  3. How many samples are required?
  4. Are there any special concerns?