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Hyatt Hotel Meeting Connection Direct Mail

8 page Special Die Cut Brochure Booklet Envelope Business Reply Card

Ink (Presswork):
8 color + varnish. Four color process + special Hyatt Red + double hit of special Hyatt Blue + metallic gold + varnish.

100# White Signature Dull Text #1 grade.
Die cut and machine folded

Unique Print Production Notes:
  Special considerations were taken to compensate for ink coverage, registration, ink rotation, trapping, gas ghosting, paper shrinkage, and dot gain. The 8 pager was printed as a single piece. The design was altered several times in order to find a suitable shape that would allow machine finishing.

Envelope was printed 5 color + varnish. Special Hyatt Red + double hit of special Hyatt Blue + metallic gold + varnish. Prior to design it was necessary to find a envelope machine that could produce the desired shape and still be able to be machine inserted. After multiple test on envelope and inserting equipment a suitable shape was finalized. 100# Whit Signature Dull Text #1 grade.

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