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Your organization’s image in print is one of its most important assets. Leading companies understand the impact premium quality printing has on the bottom line.

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Experience &Training
Premium quality relies on a wide mix of conceptual and technical skills. Quality is the result of expertise and experience implementing effective quality control systems that ensure consistent results. You can rest at ease as our highly trained and experienced print production staff creates a quality “safety net” that catches even the slightest oversight. This is one of the reasons for Press Proof’s bold initiative to guarantee premium quality printing -- each and every job.

Exceeding Expectations
Achieving excellence and value in print has always been the focus of Press Proof. We consistently:

  • Apply a Quality Assurance program that ensures errors are intercepted at the earliest possible stage.

  • Establish and monitor the criteria needed to optimize quality.

  • Strive to improve the print production process.

  • Review material options to maximize quality and efficiencies.

  • Create a smooth and harmonious workflow guaranteed to meet delivery dates.

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Reverse Engineering is a process developed by Press Proof in the late 1980’s, it’s a process that evaluates the desired end product and then develops, implements and monitors all the necessary print production steps required to meet the intended purpose.

Press Proof’s Reverse Engineering encompasses every detail of the printing process starting with a production brief  with the goal of maximizing the outcome of the design.

Consistent premium quality can only be achieved through a project system that raises the baseline and lowers the variance from concept to delivery. Our method uses the Reverse Engineering process as part of its best practices, developed from years of research and industry experience. It prevents common industry errors before going to press, whether it’s crossover variance, page alignment, incorrectly trimmed borders, color wars or paper problems.

80 Point Quality Checklist (DREMIC)
Press Proof is an ISO 9000 compliant company. Additionally, we have established standards outlined in our 80-point checklist to maximize quality and efficiencies. The following is a brief sampling of procedures that are reviewed by our staff on every print job:

Design Brief Review
Production Brief Review
Layout Review
Line-up Procedures
Color Approval
Pre-flight Procedures
Time Pulls
Bindery Fanning
Visual Checks