Launch FTP Site

To move files over to the Press Proof FTP site please follow these instructions:

1. Select - Launch FTP Site (link at bottom of page). A new window will appear. 

2. Fill out the username and password.

User Name and Passwords have changed
User Name: Contact Press Proof for your current user name
Password: Contact Press Proof for your current password

3. Select the folder called "Drop Off- Pick Up". Use the browse button to select the files from your computer you intend to send or the files you need to download.

4. Select "Send File" to send a file. To download a file just click the intended file it will download to your computer.

5. After the file has been successfully sent, select "Logout" (text below the "Send File " button) and you will return to our web site. 

The download size is unlimited, large files could take a long time to completely transfer. It is always best to stuff or compress the files for accurate, speedier transmission. Two useful programs are WinZip for Windows users and Stuffit for Mac users.

Launch FTP Site

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