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To learn more about our creative assistance and design program tailored to meet your needs please contact our office.  Direct: 847.977.2027
Ofc: 847.466.7156 or Email:
We share our capabilities and expertise for your advantage
Press Proof supports small to large organizations and corporate marketing departments with creative assistance. From packaging concept samples made on our CAD, photo touchup, small artwork adjustments and production services, our creative and graphics department can quickly assist you in completing your projects in a timely manner and within budget.

We can assist you with all phases of your project development.  We can take your mountains of information and visually make your message simple to understand.

Our staff allows you the resources to complete your job on time and under budget.
Whether the target audience is highly technical, industrial, healthcare, medical or dental related, dealer oriented, business-to-business, charity or direct to the consumer.