Spiral Binding Types (see machine photo and samples at bottom of page)
Product Specifications
Maximum Thickness of Booklet: SPIRAL: Max. 1-1/4" (32mm), PLASTIC SPIRAL: Max. 1# (25mm),
Double Wire: Max. 29/32" (23mm)
Spiral Bound Side (length of spiral): Max: 13", Min: 3"
Unbound Side: Max: 19-11/16", Min: 3-1/2"
Common size booklet (product) range: Max: 13" x 19-11/16" (13" spiral), Min: 3" x 3-1/2" (3" spiral)

Hooks are available in black or white nylon coatings. Available from 4" to 24". Sturdy! A unique thumb cut allows calendar to turn easily and lay flat on the wall. Can be used with both Spiral Wire and Wire-O®.

They can be imprinted, shelf visual identification easily shows volume numbers. Available in standard colors. Special colors and PMS matches also available. You can match your binding element to match your cover colors. Special "T-slot" punching available. Sheets can be removed and replaced without unbinding or rebinding a book. Great for cook-books.

Wire-O, Double-O or Twin Loop - it's the same thing. Unlike spiral wire, it has no drop down when sheets are turned. Adds special touch for Annual Reports, Specialty Manuals, anything.

It is a perfect choice of binding for mailing because it does not crush. Plastic spiral coil is excellent for music books as the coil will not scratch or mark surfaces. It's lightweight and extremely durable. Plastic Spiral Coil is available in black, white and standard colors, also available as special orders in a wide array of colors including fluorescent, day glow and Pantone® color matches.

Spiral wire, is the most economical method of loose-leaf binding. Spiral wire is strong and durable. Sheets do not fall out. Spiral wire allows a book to lie flat or turn back to back for easy use. No other binding style allows a book to have this feature. Calendars are great in spiral wire! Spiral wire is stocked in shiny tin, white or black nylon coated. Other standard colors available. PMSŪ matches are available on special order. If you desire special colors, please contact your vendor's estimating department

It's the tiniest wire available. Seven holes per inch. The holes are tiny and very close together. Available in shiny tin finish only.
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