Signature Folding
Please be sure that your folding is accurate and all signatures are perforated. Perforation allows the air in the pile of signatures to escape when trimming. If signatures are not perforated it may be necessary to make additional cuts or decrease the pile height. Either of these will require an additional charge, i.e., additional cuts increase the time to cut a pile by 30%, thus increasing the cost to you. Also if we are normally trimming four books in a pile and it is necessary to decrease it to two, it will increase your cost by 50%. We will contact you if an additional cost is required.

"Kick out" control is critical for good trimming. "Kick out" occurs when the secondary folds are not tucked into the original fold. If this "kick out" occurs when we trim the sigs it will be trimmed showing the printing at an angle. It is impossible to correct the problem. If "kick out" is impossible to eliminate, the printing on the affected pages can be printed on an angle to accommodate for a "kick out ". This method is similar to "shingling for folios".

Eight and sixteen page signatures of 100# coated or equivalent stock cannot be folded without creases, cracking and a large "kick out ", 100# or higher caliper should be single sheet collated.

Our collating requires a "stacking imposition" in which the signatures stack one on top of each other. Trimming requires 3/16" spine and head trim and a minimum of 5/16" on face and bottom.

Signature trimming is quoted for all signatures being the same size. If there are signatures that vary in size it may incur additional jogging time charge. Please let us know when we are estimating if there is a variance in your signature sizes. If we notify you at the estimating time that our trimming is based on an "automatic" method and your signature or covers are not all the same size your cost will be increased. The automatic method is at least 50% less than the regular method.

Perforation of signatures must have 1/8 perforation and 1/8 paper between perforations. Our collators suckers pull from the bottom. If perforations are close together they pull down only the bottom sheet of the signatures and tear it loose. The only alternative for this problem is to hand collate at a much higher cost.

Coming and Going Signature Format
This method of imposition requires the image be in the exact center of the two up signature, up and down and the top and bottom page align vertically.

If you are planning to use the "coming and going" signature format, do not start the job without conferencing us on the project. We do not wish to imply anything except that in 90% of the cases of "coming and going imposition" something occurs that prevents our ability to produce a quality job.

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