Margins/Printed Copy
For all non-bleed printing:
Keep all "live" copy 1/2" away from the trim point on the binding edge. If there is not a printing/folding variation, there is little adjustment available.

Allow enough "air" around all copy for error and variances, especially folios. Folios should be kept 3/8" up and in signatures and flat sheets.

If you have bleeds with reverse copy, extreme care should be taken as they normally do not align in final trimming. Live copy in reverse should be kept 1/4" away from the folded trim marks.

You should notify the Vendor's estimating department if there is horizontal "alignment bleeds". This type of cutting requisites more individualized sheet trimming instead of the normal page gang cut. If "alignment/bleed" trimming is required and is not specified in the estimate, a charge may occur.