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Text Box: Smallest
Text Box: Under-Sized
(All Sides)
Text Box: Under-Sized
(Top Only)
Text Box: Under-Sized 3/32
(Top & Right)
Text Box: -5/32" (less than full size panel)
Text Box: -3/32"
Text Box: 1
Text Box: 3
Text Box: 2
Text Box: 4
Text Box: 5
Text Box: -3/32"
Text Box: Final Size
Text Box: Final Size
Text Box: -3/32"
Text Box: Fold Sequence:
Text Box: 1   to   5
Text Box: (1=first fold)
Text Box: folds to a
Text Box: Great
Panels may open in any sequence, but panel sizes must be adjusted based on which panels open first.
Plan opening sequence carefully for maximum marketing effect.
Additional hanging panels may be attached to the first leg in the fold sequence (as in example).
Minimum paper weight is 70# enamel text or 60# offset text. Don't use any sheet heavier than 100# coated cover.
Channel score when die cutting.
6"x 6" and 8"x 8" products are very popular sizes.
Panels may be rectangular-shaped instead of square. Also panels can be eliminated or added to create "T" or 'T" shapes.
Many projects are wafer-sealed and can be manufactured in-line for use as self-mailers.