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Millimeters to Inches Conversion
Multiply the millimeter size by .03937
to get the inch equivalent.
1-inch = 25.40 millimeters

Millimeters Inches   Millimeters Inches

1/32 Inch

  14mm 9/16 Inch

1/16 Inch

  15mm Just under 5/8 Inch
3mm 3/32 Inch   16mm 5/8 Inch
4mm 1/8 Inch   17mm Just under 11/16 Inch
5mm 3/16 Inch   18mm Just under 3/4 Inch
6mm Just under 1/4 Inch   19mm Just over 3/4 Inch
7mm Just over 1/4 Inch   20mm Just under 13/16 Inch
8mm 5/6 Inch   21mm Just over 13/16 Inch
9mm Just under 3/8 Inch   22mm Just under 7/8 Inch
10mm Just over 3/8 Inch   23mm Just over 7/8 Inch
11mm 7/16 Inch   24mm 15/16 Inch
12mm Just under 1/2 Inch  


1 inch
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